Frequently Asked Questions

Is $3.2 Million Over and Above Giving?

No.  $3.2 million is the total needed to accomplish all that God has put before us over the next two years including current operating expenses, new ministry initiatives, purchase and renovation of a building for the second location, and missions.

How is Second City Different From the Other Capital Campaign We Did?

Our first campaign, Making Ripples, was a designated giving campaign where the money pledged was used exclusively for construction of our building.  Second City is different in that commitments will be used for continuing and improving ongoing ministry as well as doubling our impact in two cities and to the world.

Am I Bound By My Commitment?

No.  Your commitment is not binding.  We recognize that circumstances change and there may be extenuating circumstances where you are unable to fulfill your commitment.

Will My Giving Stay At My Campus?

We will be one church with one vision and over the next two years we will take this next step of faith together.  Although giving will not be designated by location we will set the goals and budget for Second City based on anticipated income and expense at each location.

What Is A Stored Asset?

Stored assets refer to giving money or stock that is currently in your possession.

What About Debt and Loans?

At the publication of this document South Ridge carries a little under $1.7M in long-term debt.  It is possible that we would take out a short-term loan to purchase and/ or renovate property in time for a fall launch.  But if Second City financial goals are met, South Ridge would most likely be able to pay off the loan by the end of the two-year generosity initiative.

What If I’m New Around Here?

We’re excited that you are considering partnering with us!  The local church is God’s plan for bringing the Gospel to our communities and to the world.  Second City is a great time and a great way to get started in financially supporting God’s work through South Ridge Church.

What If I’ve Never Given to South Ridge Before?

If you have never given financially to South Ridge before, Second City is for you!  Part of the design of Second City is to give those who have never given to South Ridge the opportunity to get on board with where God is taking us as a church.  Our desire is to get as close to 100% participation as possible and that will require those who have never given to South Ridge to make a Second City commitment.

What If I Can’t Afford To Give Right Now?

Even in times of scarcity, God wants our hearts.  The widow who gave her last mite did not make a very big financial contribution, but Jesus said she gave the largest gift of all.  Second City is about all of us coming together, giving generously, and trusting God to do the rest.  It may mean that God is asking you to trust him by making a faith commitment that you do not know how to fulfill right now.  God has supplied our every need in Christ, and we trust that he will honor a heart that wants to give generously in response to the Gospel.

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What If I’m In Debt Right Now?

It’s important for generosity to be a part of our lives at every point.  If you are in the process of paying off debt, we commend you, and you should continue to do so.  However, the Bible does not teach that we withhold giving until we are debt-free. When we honor God first with our giving, he promises to be involved with every other aspect of our finances.  If you would like some guidance from God’s Word on how to steward your finances more effectively, the pastors at South Ridge would be more than happy to serve you in that way.