Bridgeport Location Update: Making Progress on the Building


We are seeing noticeable progress on a daily basis now as the building continues to be renovated. Almost all interior walls are now in place and ready for insulation and Sheetrock.
There is still lots to do and we will launch as soon as the building is ready.

In the meantime, here are the best ways to stay connected and involved as we continue to move forward.

1. Attend weekend services in Fairmont on Sundays 9 & 11am until we launch on a Sunday in Bridgeport. Attending the 11am service in Fairmont is recommended because that is currently where most of the launch team is serving. Kids attending Ridgekids at the 11am will have the small group leaders that they will have when we launch!

2. Follow updates on social media for real time information! Click on the social media platform you use below.

3. Serve on the launch team. For more information about how you can serve please call or text Dean Brannen at 304-365-4466.

4. We will start having work days over the next couple months as we get closer to launch.

South Ridge