Greetings from Madagascar

The Santmyire family is doing well. Isabelle (13)  and Josiah (11) have started back to school and are enjoying playing on the basketball and soccer teams. They are growing up way too fast.  Aaron and Heather continue to lead the orphanage and it is exciting to see some of the young adults receiving their college diplomas and entering into adult life. There are two girls who are in their final year of mid wife school. Please pray for them, that this final year will be a successful one for them.  The bush medical dermatology clinics continue to provide care to those suffering from skin diseases. The doctor that Aaron works with in these dermatology clinics broke ground on his new church plant.  They plan on beginning the building process in November.  It is very exciting for Aaron to have the privilege to work with Pastor/Doctor Fils and baptize new believers in Christ.  Thank you for making all of this work in Madagascar possible through your generosity!

South Ridge