Building on Prayer


On Saturday night, December 16, the Bridgeport Location Launch Team and others from South Ridge Church met at the building in Bridgeport to worship God and pray for the upcoming launch.  The renovation of the building is nearing completion and soon we will be ready to host the people of Bridgeport and Clarksburg for weekend worship services and other events.  On Saturday night those in attendance were able to write prayers throughout various sections of the building, which will soon be covered by paint and carpet, but not forgotten by God or those who prayed them.

Please pray with us for this next step in our faith journey as a church.

  • Pray that people will receive Christ as their Savior.
  • Pray for courage to take necessary faith steps to reach other cities throughout our state with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for other churches in our counties and state.
  • Pray for our schools.
  • Pray for strong families.
  • Pray that we will be able to provide hope and support for those struggling with addiction and despair.

We look forward to how God will answer those prayers in the coming years! 

South Ridge