Our Student Ministries Serve Others

An amazing team of 15 teens with three leaders from South Ridge Church in Fairmont went on a mini mission trip to Charleston.  They slept on the floor at River Ridge Church for a night and then went to work at 9 AM at the 2nd Avenue Community Center.  Because of their hands and feet, hundreds and hundreds of books are now categorized by reading level and AR points.  Now the literacy skills of all the students who come to the center can grow by leaps and bounds.  The team also made countless trips to Goodwill and the dumpster to clean out a room that had been used as a catch all for anything that people wanted to get rid of.  Now the room is clean and ready to be used to bless the community.  River Ridge Church and the 2nd Avenue Community Center were very blessed by the service of our teens and we are thrilled a team from our Student Ministries were able to serve God and others through the support of our church.

South Ridge